Privacy policy

In this privacy policy we explain the ways in which we collect and use personal data. This privacy policy applies to all personal data concerning you that we process when you contact us.

About us

We are Sophista fusies & overnames, with registered offices at Robijnstraat 20, 1812 RB Alkmaar.

Sophista is responsible for the collection and use of your personal data as described in this privacy policy. If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding the processing of your data, please contact us via

The types of personal information we process

We may collect and process the following categories of personal information:

Name and other identifying information

For instance, we may record your name, title, sex and date of birth.

Your contact details and data about your personal account or registration

Your contact details may include your address, place of business, telephone number and email address. When you register for a particular service or create a personal account we may record your log-in data and other information that you enter on the account or registration form.

Our communication with you

We record your communication with us when you send us an email or contact us online using social media. When you telephone us, we record your questions or complaints in our database.

Information that we collect when you use our website

We may record your IP address, browser type, operating system, referring website, surfing behaviour and click behaviour when you visit our website. Furthermore, we may also receive an automatic notification if you open a newsletter or click on a link in a newsletter.

Information concerning social media

We may receive information from your social network provider. This depends on your social network settings. For example, if you log in to our services using a social media account, we may receive your social network profile, including contact details, interests and contacts. You can find more information about the personal data that we receive from your social network provider on the website and in your social network provider’s privacy policy.

Information that you share with us

If you respond to us on social media or complete a customer survey, you are choosing to share information with us.

Cookies and similar technologies

We collect information using cookies and similar technologies when you visit our website. Please read our cookie policy on the website for more information. 

How we collect your data?

Sophista may process your personal data in a variety of ways. This occurs when you complete a form, when you communicate with us through social media or when you subscribe to our newsletter. We may also receive information from your social network provider depending on your social network settings.

The purposes for which we use your data

The main purposes for which we use your personal data are as follows:

To provide services to you

We may analyse the data we collect on your usage of our digital media and combine this with information collected through cookies and similar technologies to simplify the way you use our online services. For instance, we may do this to find out which digital channel (email, social media) or device (desktop PC, tablet or mobile) you prefer, so that we are able to focus our communication on that channel or device.

To communicate with you

We use your contact details to communicate with you and to answer your questions or handle your complaints.

For statistical analysis

We use automated tools to perform statistical analyses of general usage trends of our services, website and social media and into the behaviour and the preferences of our clients and users. These enable us to develop better services. Furthermore, these also enable us to improve the design and content of our website.

We may merge various types of data and analyse these to perform our analysis. We only use aggregated data, so we do not use names, email addresses or any other directly identifiable information. We may also combine this type of aggregated data with information from public sources (such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS)). We will not use any sensitive data for this statistical analysis without your consent.

For direct marketing purposes

Your personal information may be used for sending newsletters or other marketing messages. We may use automated tools to analyse your personal information so that we know which types of information are relevant for you. We may use and combine the information described above for this purpose. We may also combine this type of aggregated data with information we obtain from public sources (such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS)). We will not use any sensitive data for this statistical analysis without your consent.

We use the results of our analysis to tailor our marketing messages to your specific interests and preferences. For instance, if our analysis shows that you may be interested in certain types of services, we may adapt our newsletter and website with content that we think is relevant for you.

We use various channels for our marketing messages, such as email and social media. You may withdraw your consent or object to the sending of marketing messages at any time. To do this, follow the instructions in the relevant marketing message or contact us via

Releasing and sharing data with third parties

We may release your personal data or share it with third parties for the following purposes:

For the supporting services we offer

We work with third parties, such as social network providers and marketing agencies, to provide our services. All of these third parties are under the obligation to protect your personal data and only process it in accordance with our instructions.

For statistical analysis and direct marketing

Your personal information may be used for statistical analysis and direct marketing (see above).

Websites belonging to third parties

Our website contains links to websites belonging to third parties. When you follow these links, you leave our website. This privacy policy does not apply to websites belonging to third parties. Sophista does not accept liability for the use of your personal data by these third parties. You use these websites at your own risk. Consult the privacy policy of these third parties (if available) for how they handle your personal data.

Security and storage

We take the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss and unlawful use. Your personal data is stored for as long as is necessary for the purposes described in this privacy policy or for as long as is necessary to satisfy the legislation and regulations and to settle disputes.

Privacy of children

Sophista makes every effort to not collect data on children aged 16 or younger, or to create sections of interest that are specially designed for targeting children. If you have any concerns about the privacy of your child in connection with our services, or if you believe that your child has entered personally-identifiable information on our website, please contact us at

Your rights

You can request to inspect your personal data and you have the possibility to amend or review your personal data. You can rely on any other right that you have under the applicable privacy legislation, including for instance the right to object to the processing of your personal data. To do this, you just need to send a request in writing to:

Sophista B.V.
Robijnstraat 20
1812 RB Alkmaar

You can contact us via with any questions, comments or complaints you may have about this privacy policy.

How is this privacy policy updated?

This privacy policy entered into effect on 05-06-2018 and replaces our previous privacy policy. We are continuously revising this privacy policy. We will inform you about any changes by publishing the revised policy on, after which it will enter into effect immediately.

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