Company purchase

You may want to purchase a company as a strategic move designed to achieve synergy, based on an ambition to become an entrepreneur or on the more traditional grounds of family succession. In our business the following terms are used;

Thorough preparation

In all instances, thorough preparation is essential and that is why Sophista helps its clients to work out the best strategy for purchasing a company. This strategy is determined by, among other things, the possibility of there already being a takeover candidate, or this being something that Sophista needs to initiate. It is also important to know whether there is already a business plan or whether research has to be done in order to draw up one. It also has to be established whether the legal and fiscal consequences of the planned company purchase have been researched yet. And then, of course, there is still the purchase price and the financing of the takeover. These all aspects which play a role when purchasing a company and which Sophista is specialised in.

Support by Sophista

Would you like Sophista to advise about the purchase of your company? We would be only too pleased to help! Please contact us for more information or to arrange an informal introductory meeting. You can also call us on +31 (0)72 540 80 10 or e-mail us at

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