Strategic sale

In our experience we know that when selling your company to another business, a good transaction does not just mean a good price but also, and in particular, that supplementary conditions and guarantees have to be drawn up in a balanced way. That is why it is important to seek thorough and careful supervision.

Preparatory analysis

While performing the legal and fiscal analysis of the business we establish whether there are factors which may influence the sale of your company. Examples are sale deadlines, breaking up fiscal entities, which companies have a responsibility for any pension commitments, how to deal with real estate, etc. There may also be factors which have a negative influence on the salability of your business. An example is the way in which the management is able to direct the processes within the business in an efficient and adequate manner. Another issue is that your personal dependency may affect salability.

Determining strategy

In addition to the fact that the legal and fiscal aspects have to be properly addressed, the personal role of the seller in the future is also very important. This is something that we at Sophista pay a lot of attention to. Just as we do to the financial side of the transaction. In the first instance Sophista can help you define a strategy for the sale of your company, with your requirements and wishes being the starting point. Please contact us now to determine your strategy. 

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