Management Buy-Out sale

A Management Buy-Out (MBO) occurs if one or more of your employees (often the incumbent management) wish to take over your company. A MBO process has a number of exceptional characteristics:

  • The purchaser knows your business. This means that an audit of the books is (often) unnecessary and that the purchase agreement does not have to include as many guarantees as might otherwise be the case.  
  • There is an existing relationship between you and the purchaser. You know the incumbent management and have first-hand knowledge as to whether they are suitable to continue your business.
  • A granting factor will often play a role, meaning that time, space and resources will be made available in order to ensure a successful takeover. 

While the technical side of the work is important in an MBO process, emotional factors also play a key role.

Financing the MBO

Another important point to focus on in the case of an MBO sale is the financing of the transaction. Particular attention needs to be paid even if the financing requirement is limited. Once again this is something we can, of course, help you with. The management will have to submit plans which gain the confidence of the financiers.


It will also regularly be the case that the seller in the event of an MBO will have to cooperate by issuing part of the financing. Experience has taught us that organising the phases and allocation of roles properly will maximise the chance of success of an MBO transaction. During this MBO process, Sophista can act as process supervisor. For more information, please call us on +31 (0)72 540 80 10 or e-mail us at

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