Management Buy-In purchase

Do you want to start your own business by taking over an existing company? If you do not (yet) work for the business in question, the transaction is referred to as a Management Buy-In.

Considerations for a Management Buy-In

People often decide to execute a Management Buy-In because they want a new challenge, they want to do things themselves and because you have significant knowledge and experience and a broad network. Experience has taught us that a Management Buy-In transaction is nevertheless an intensive process, because is all of this enough to achieve success?

  • How do you find the right takeover candidate? Aspects that play a role here are the identity of the business, preconditions applicable to the location, size, specialist field, your role after the takeover etc.
  • Is the takeover feasible from the financing points of view? If you want to acquire suitable financing, a business plan or financing application will have to be drawn up. You should also bear in mind that a personal contribution in the financing is important in the event of a Management Buy-In.

Collaborating with Sophista

Very probably this is the first and only time that you will be involved in a process like this. The same cannot be said about us and, for that reason, we can provide you with optimal assistance because a Management Buy-In process requires continual cooperation, not only for it to be successful but also to keep your costs manageable. For more information, please call us on +31 (0)72 540 80 10 or e-mail us at

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