Business valuation

A business valuation does not just have to be carried out when purchasing or selling a company. It may also be necessary, for example, when:

  • acquiring or issuing financing in connection with an investment decision;
  • buying out or attracting shareholders;
  • a divorce whereby the shares of a company are part of the matrimonial property.

Sophista also advises entrepreneurs that determine their policy on the basis of the detailed business valuation with a view to maximising the value of their business (value-based management). In some instances Sophista is also asked to give a second opinion on a business valuation.

Numerous scenarios

When carrying out a business valuation, many factors play a role, such as historic results, future expectations, growth patterns, market conditions, etc. Sophista carefully studies all these aspects. Depending on the situation we select the most suitable valuation method. It is also extremely important to formulate points of departure. That is why we develop numerous business valuation scenarios in our reports. Due to the subjective weakness of valuation methods and the interpretation of financial statements and other information we present the value of the business or share package on the basis of a bandwidth.

Value and price

The business valuation may deviate from the eventual price paid for a business. The economic value is actually not the same as the price. The eventual price is the result of the negotiations conducted with a potential purchaser, who may assign other expectations and possibilities to the company. In addition to this, any market benefits and synergy effects to be achieved can also play a role.


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